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My Dear Stitch Witches, from Novice to accomplished Mistress of Stitchcraft,

This will serve as notice of a special Mystery Program offered under the auspices of the famed Ruby Ranunculus School of Stitchcraft, the 2018 Halloween Mystery Program – Portentia’s Potions, Poisons and Elixirs.

 “What,” you might ask, “is a Mystery Program?” It is, my pretties, a course of study set out for thrill-seeking Stitch Witches who will … however unadvisedly … undertake a program without benefit of knowing what will manifest from the spells, incantations and bewitchings that will be deployed. The project, shrouded in mystery, will come together piece by piece, stitch by stitch, like the plot of a good murder mystery, until, in the end, all is revealed. 

The Project:  In this program, Stitch Witches who successfully interpret all the arcane runes, properly work all the spells and overcome all befuddlements, will have performed the greatest imaginable feat in the Stitchcraft panoply … turning simple cotton cloth into a beautiful quilt! 

The mystery quilt was inspired by my dear Portentia: Cat, Colleague and Familiar. Perhaps you have read the story of the creation of the quilt? If not it is provided in the cyber space appertaining to that brazenly, bizarre Bazaar of Stitchcraft, Ruby Street Quiltworks. The Ruby Street Mistresses of Stitchcraft have kindly provided a link to the story below.

Project Size:  Here at the Ruby Ranunculus School we frown upon such mundane details as project size. Boundaries are meant to be overcome, disregarded or studiously ignored. Our magical workings have a way of making their own boundaries. Workings have been known to become much larger (or smaller) than even the most experienced Mistress of Stitchcraft anticipated. Occasionally a spell will go awry and a project may become mysteriously misshapen. Control over such malign, magical forces requires advanced skills and eons of experience. 

That understood, I can share with you that the quilt the Stitch Mistresses made for Portentia is a lovely size. When folded, it creates a lovely pad for dear Portentia to curl upon. I must admit that when she is away, patrolling for mice the Potions Laboratory, I find it the perfect lap size. Even a Head Mistress enjoys kicking off off her favorite, curled-toe boots, putting her size thirteen, bunion contorted feet up on a plushly-padded cauldron and relaxing on her favorite swamp-cane rocking chair. Ahhh! Thusly, I enjoy one of Portentia’s warm elixirs on a cool October evening. (Note: The Ruby Street Mistresses have asked me to convey that Portentia’s Quilt measures 53 x 64 inches by reckoning in your dimension.)

Kits:  In this program, such fearless Stitch Witches, as will undertake such a chilling challenge, will receive, each week, for four weeks, a kit containing multiple, mysterious measures of fabric, bewitching spells and, may haps, other magical substances. (Caution, some substances used in our spells contain powerful magical properties and may ooze, stick or ignite. A Snake, Powerful Potions, and Poisonous Plants will all come packaged in your kits. We advise Stitch Witches to open each kit with the utmost caution!) The kits will contain all the materials, spells, incantations and bewitchments required to complete the challenge. (We remind Stitch Witches to mind their incantations, especially displaying discretion around Junior Stitch Witches. Spells may become vexatious causing a Stitch Witch to fray and unravel. Beware the evil forces you might call down, with an incantation, whilst in a demented state.)

Dates:  The kits will be available for pick-up on the premises of that magnificent, magical marketplace of Stitchcraft, Ruby Street Quiltworks, on the following Wednesdays: October 10, October 17, October 24 and October 31. Owls will be dispatched to remote locations a day or two prior to availability on Ruby Street.    

Skill Level Required:  Stitch Witches who have already received the honorific “Mistress of Stitchcraft” in one of our prior classes or programs will breeze through the program. Intermediate Stitch Witches may, depending upon their experience, encounter a new technique but should easily work it out. Novices should possess some experience and at least a small measure of confidence.   

(A Notice to Novice Stitch Witches:  The Ruby Street Mistresses of Stitchcraft are always available to help with a vexatious spell or unruly magical substance. Novices who are successful in solving our Halloween Mystery, not only will come to possess a beautiful quilt, but will have earned the title of "Mistress of Stitchcraft.” This is the most honorific title awarded at the Ruby Ranunculus School of Stitchcraft, it is simply the summit of Stitchcraft, the pinnacle of prestige.)

The Stitchcraft Convocation:  The Ruby Street Mistresses of Stitchcraft have invoked a Convocation of Stitch Witches. The gathering will occur on October 31, 2018, between the witching hours of 10:30 am and 5:30 pm, when the spheres will be aligned for maximum magical mystery-making. During the Convocation, Stitch Witches, enrolled in the 2018 Halloween Mystery Program, will gather on the premises of Ruby Street Quiltworks, that endearing emporium of Stitchcraft, to complete the final spells in the mystery program.

Participation in the Convocation is severely limited. Only those enrolled in the mystery program are invited to attend and only those who are sufficiently, fleet afoot or attuned to the magic of technology, to sign-up quickly, will be admitted. If you would like to attend the Convocation, we suggest that you enroll post haste!

Come, learn the ways of the craft. You may enroll in the program within the premises of that esteemed establishment of Stitchcraft, Ruby Street Quiltworks. Otherwise, find magical links for purchasing the 2018 Halloween Mystery Program and enrolling in the Convocation, herein. 

Most frighteningly yours,


Ruby Ranunculus
Head Mistress

Ruby Ranunculus School of Stitchcraft

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