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It's almost time to #optoutsewin

This year, for the second time, Ruby Street Quiltworks is opting out of the Black Friday (November 24th) retail madness.

Last year we were inspired by REI, the outdoor recreation equipment co-op, who closed their stores on Black Friday and paid their employees to go on an outdoor adventure instead. Then REI invited their customers to skip the Black Friday stampede and take the time to enjoy the outdoors as well. That invitation turned into a movement and now millions of people skip the line and #OptOutside on Black Friday.

On Ruby Street we opt out of the Black Friday madness in our own humble, heartfelt, handmade-holiday way. On November 24th the Ruby Street Staff will be paid to sew in. We call our movement #optoutsewin.

We encourage you to opt out too. Black Friday, November 24, 2017:  Click here for the details. Share on Instagram #optoutsewin

              Fall iDesigns Now $19.95 (regularly $29.95)
                                           Click here to shop iDesigns

            The Four Seasons - Fall - Now 30% Off

"The Four Seasons" by one of our favorite designers, Julie Paschkis from In the Beginning Fabrics. The Autumn collection is in the store now.

               Find it with all our lovely fall collections here!
In the Beginning - Four Seasons - Summer - Free Pattern
Make a single quilted square and hang with button tabs for the most simple imaginable project. Or make this splendid Autumn wall hanging.

        Download the free Autumn Wall
               Hanging Pattern here.
Or one of these quick and easy pillows! Check out the Winter Collection Here! In our Winter Department.

         Download the free Four Seasons
                    Pillow Pattern here.

Katie made this darling pencil skirt with Authentic Barkcloth from our "Outback Wife" collection by Gertrude Made (Ella Blue Fabrics. The well designed, easy to follow Colette pattern includes sizes 0 - 24.

Barkcloth is a textured cotton fabric, with a lovely drape and enough weight for a skirt. Shown above is another barkcloth from the "Outback Wife" collection, Bindi in blue. See the entire Outback Wife collection here

We also have some lovely, neutral solid barkcloth, great for garments and quilts where you want a little texture and weight. They make great backgrounds! Find these easily with a search for "Barkcloth."

"Gypsy Wife" Meets ...

Our love affair with Jen Kingwell's "Gypsy Wife" Quilt has never really been over. The longing to return to it has been there, in the background, smoldering, while other quilts caught our fancy. But now (and this is the fault of Angie, the Gnome Angel, who is hosting a Gypsy Wife Quilt Sew Along) the romance has flared anew!

But in this flare-up of our Gypsy Wife romance, another, exciting, new love is in the picture (see below) and, happily, all parties are amenable to a threesome!

We (well some of us) are smittem with a rule-breaking, way-outside-the-lines, new collection from Cathi Bessell-Browne, designing under the label "Gertrude Made," called "Outback Wife." This exuberant scrappy mix of fabrics is a melange of color and texture. Authentic Bark Cloth mingles with woven textures, plaids, heady grandma inspired florals and a riot of color. The design esthetic is exotic. It has a Pacific Rim flair (a taste of the orient, the gentle whisper of tradewinds, the rhythm of the islands) grounded in plain, outback farmhand, work-a-day practicality. If you're not seeing it from my description, just click here (or on one of the images below) to see the entire collection. Yeah. Not for everyone ... but if you have dirt underneath your fingernails, a soft spot for grandma's big blowsy blooms and a bit of the "Outback" in you ...

..."Outback Wife"
      Join the Sew Along

We will be joining the Gnome Angel Sew Along and sharing our progress on Instagram @rubystreetquiltworks. The "Gypsy Wife Quilt" Sew Along is just gearing up. The event has a slow build up (It runs through January 3, 2018) and there are no immediate posting requirements, so there is plenty of time to join in. Find all the information about the event here.
Purchase the Gypsy Wife Pattern Here

Featured Products

Charley Harper's "Western Birds" ... has arrived on Ruby Street!

Charley Harper, a 50's era American Modernist was best known for his highly stylized wildlife prints, posters and book illustrations. He termed his style "minimal realism" and captured the essence of his subjects with the fewest possible visual elements.

We love these prints for the simple, retro, color palette, the movement, the keen nature observations and most of all the pure sense of joy, the whimsy. They make us smile.

Even more, we love this collection from Birch Fabrics because it is printed with low impact dyes on 100% organic cotton. Shop for Western Birds with our other Modern Collections here.

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