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The Ruby Ranunculus
School of Stitchcraft
2018 Halloween Mystery Program
"Portentia’s Potions, Poisons and Elixirs"

The Ruby Street Quiltworks Mistresses of Stitchcraft are proud to announce a special Halloween Mystery Program, for 2018, offered under the auspices of the famed Ruby Ranunculus School of Stitchcraft.

In conjunction with the mystery program we, the Mistresses of Stitchcraft, former graduates of the Ruby Ranunculus School, are invoking a Stitchcraft Convocation wherein a limited number of participants in the 2018 Halloween Mystery Program may convene, on Halloween, to complete the final spells and bewitchings required to solve the mystery.

Only participants in the mystery program will be admitted to the Stitchcraft Convocation.

Details, required remuneration and cautions are magically evoked by following the links to the left and right.

Laura Heine's "Flaura"

Have you admired Laura Heine’s wonderful collage patterns but assumed you weren’t “artistic” enough to create one of your own? You would be surprised how easy it is, to create your own fabric collage masterpiece.

The Art of Fabric Collage

New Class 

All you need is a playful spirit and a bit of guidance from our very own Ruby Street Collage Artists.

Using Laura’s charming “Flaura” pattern, Shelley and Beth will teach you the basics including Laura’s creative fusible applique collage construction techniques and their own fabric selection hacks.

Digital Printing

On Ruby Street, we have, sadly, seen the popularity of Wildlife Panels diminish over time. Now, however, new digital fabric printing technology is breathing new life into one of our favorite fabric genres.

Traditional screen printing lays down color on fabric through screens, one color at a time. Eighteen is the maximum number of colors that can be printed before the build-up of layers causes loss of discretion in the design.

Digital printing works more like your ink jet printer. With standard CMYK profiles, up to a million color combinations can be printed! This allows larger, brighter more complex fabric designs, providing unprecedented opportunities for print artists to express themselves on fabric.


Nowhere does this enhanced print capability find a better canvas for expression than on Wildlife Panels. The results are breathtaking!

This enhanced capability comes with increased environmental sustainability. Following the traditional screen printing process, ink must be rinsed out of each screen releasing chemical waste into the environment. There is almost no waste involved with digital printing, allowing the textile industry to reduce its carbon footprint.

You can take a check out our digital panels and prints online, but we encourage you to visit us on Ruby Street (or visit your own local quilt shop) to see (and touch) these amazing works of art on fabric.

Featured Products

Featured Products

Dear Cotton + Steel Fans (both avid and evolving), 

It was a sad day in May when we learned that the five designers at the heart of Cotton + Steel were leaving the brand.

The original designers:  Melody Miller, Rashida Hale-Coleman, Alexia Abegg, Kim Kite and Sarah Watts worked collaboratively to create modern fabric collections that mixed and matched the differing styles of the individual designers, loosely pulling them together with a shared color palette and theme. A key feature of the fabric is the highly collectable selvedge.

If you are a fan of this edgy, ground breaking group of fabric designers you have already heard the news. If you are just hearing the buzz and want to learn more about how this group of five revolutionized the fabric industry, I highly recommend this article from the Bitter Southerner:  http://bittersoutherner.com/cotton-and-steel/#.WxkvuS_MyIE

The Cotton + Steel brand is a subsidiary of California based RJR Fabrics and remains wholly owned by RJR. The company has announced its intention to continue the Cotton + Steel brand with a new roster of designers. At this point it is unknown what the future has in store for the ultra-talented original designers.

Fortunately for Cotton + Steel fans, we still have a lovely collection of fabric from the founding designers. The original designers showcased their last Cotton + Steel collections at the Spring Quilt Market in Portland. We’ll have selections of the newest (and last) designs arriving in July. Also, we still have several of the fun Cotton + Steel Collector’s boxes (40 unique FQs from the original designers) at a per FQ price just a tad less than $2.50! Each box is unique mini-retrospective of past Cotton + Steel designs.

Check out our entire Cotton + Steel collection here:

Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop
Now a fond memory

Thank you to everyone who hopped by Ruby Street Quiltworks and made it a successful event for us. We sold every single kit and only have a couple of bolts of fabric left. We hope to see you next year.

If you're still looking for fabric to complete your Shop Hop project we still have some of the lovely intense rain, and the light gray clouds shown at right. (Note the clouds are gray not blue and a little more intense than shown in the image. It's a great low volume blender!

You can also still purchase the pattern for our block “Splashdown.” Shop Here!

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