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There's still time! Yes, you can complete this quaint, lodge style, advent calendar in time for Christmas. OK, we know it's a little late to start an advent calendar, but we say just pocket the treats for the first few days and carry on. You'll have a lovely, christmasy project under your needle, with a fire in the fireplace, Christmas carols streaming, and eggnog in your favorite holiday vessel.

You won't believe how easy this project is. 
And ... as a bonus ... the panel contains some nifty, nostalgic gift tags to fuse and use!

Your kit will include the panel from Northcott's "Spruce Mountain Collection" and enough coordinating fabric for the back, hanging tabs and binding. The backing fabric will be a coordinate from the "Spruce Mountain" collection but may vary from the images shown.

The instructions for completing the project are printed right on the panel. Please note a correction to the printed instructions in our product description.

Watch the Video by Laura Coia of Sew Very Easy. She is using a different panel but it has the same instructions! CLICK HERE

Dinner Plate Dahlia

New Judy Niemeyer Technique of the Month Class - Seven Class Sessions
With Certified Instructor
 Melanie Castle

Class Dates: The third Friday of each month starting on February 15, 2019 and running through August 16, 2019, 10:30 - 5:30. The class includes an individual Fabric Selection Consultation with Melanie (By Appointment)
Quilt Sizes:  Small, 80 x 80 inches or Queen, 100 x 100 inches. 

Dinner Plate Medallion is the newest flower in Judy Niemeyer’s garden. It simply takes our breath away! This is Judy Niemeyer’s 2019 "Technique of the Month" Class. The goal of the Technique of the Month program is to design quilts incorporating a wide range of Judy’s techniques and intended to be taught by Certified Instructors so that they may familiarize quilters with the unique techniques used in Judy Niemeyer patterns. This is the class you want if you are new to Judy Niemeyer’s patterns and techniques. Though the quilt looks impossibly difficult, you’ll learn to hack it one segment at a time with Melanie’s expert assistance. Click on the image to sign up (or just check out the details).

Harvest Time!

It’s official! Fall has fallen. We're still enjoying the lingering light of the Harvest Moon! Lets make the most of our remaining lunar loveliness and enjoy the moonshine while we sew into the late moonlit nights! 

Here’s a recipe for a quick harvest of placemats, table runners and/or snack mats. Give them as gifts, deck the table for Fall Feasts or just make petite daily celebrations of the season:

  1. Pick a lovely fall themed fabric for the back of your project. Cut it a little larger than the size you want you want your mat, runner or placemat to be. Plant it face down on your work surface.
  2. Lay a patch of batting on top of it (a little larger than your lovely back).
  3. Lay down a plot of dirt (maybe a patch of brown solid or textured fabric, oh oh a grunge would be perfect here!) in the same size and shape as your lovely fall back.
  4. Cut some strips of our lovely, harvest-themed ribbon and plant them in rows across your patch of dirt. Glue baste them in place.
  5. Pin your layers together.
  6. Stitch your ribbons in place (you’ll be quilting your tableware item at the same time!)
  7. Bind your project and enjoy a fall treat! 

Digital Printing

On Ruby Street, we have, sadly, seen the popularity of Wildlife Panels diminish over time. Now, however, new digital fabric printing technology is breathing new life into one of our favorite fabric genres.

Traditional screen printing lays down color on fabric through screens, one color at a time. Eighteen is the maximum number of colors that can be printed before the build-up of layers causes loss of discretion in the design.

Digital printing works more like your ink jet printer. With standard CMYK profiles, up to a million color combinations can be printed! This allows larger, brighter more complex fabric designs, providing unprecedented opportunities for print artists to express themselves on fabric.


Nowhere does this enhanced print capability find a better canvas for expression than on Wildlife Panels. The results are breathtaking!

This enhanced capability comes with increased environmental sustainability. Following the traditional screen printing process, ink must be rinsed out of each screen releasing chemical waste into the environment. There is almost no waste involved with digital printing, allowing the textile industry to reduce its carbon footprint.

You can take a check out our digital panels and prints online, but we encourage you to visit us on Ruby Street (or visit your own local quilt shop) to see (and touch) these amazing works of art on fabric.

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