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Mammoth Flannel! This is wonderful stuff. Soft, cuddly and lushly colored ... and those plaids ... quite bold! What to make of them? Quilt backs ... of course. Pieced quilts ... absolutely. Garments ... combine gently rugged Northwest style with indulgent comfort.

Marla has dressed up Elizabeth Hartman's charming Penguins with cute Mammoth Flannel shirts. Check out the shirt details in her quilting below! Elizabeth's Dwight the Deer and the darling Daschshunds also sport Mammoth Flannel

For a quick and easy, no sew project, check out Shelly M's scarf, modeled below by the lovely Katie. Just cut to the size you want and pull threads at the edges to create the fringe.

Remember flannel will shrink up more than your flat cottons so make sure to allow for that in your fabric requirements.

PS:  Stop by the store on Ruby Street to see Marla's Sample of the "Wishing Tree" Quilt.

Her beautiful quilting enhanced the panel and brought focus to the panel's design elements.

The panel looks like it took hours to create with collage or applique but all the artwork is printed on the panel. It doesn't get much easier or more fun!

Find the panel here!

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